Happy New Year

December 30, 2009

Ho ho ho hope everyone’s Christmas was great. The seven families that I blessed on Christmas were very excited, I was at a total loss for words. I was just as blessed as the families were knowing I was able to help. Next year I want to make it bigger and [...]

Merry Christmas

December 21, 2009
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Well I thought we would be having a 7 game wining streak when this blog was going to posted, but I guess not we lost to houston on Friday. So we had to start all over again against the Cavs and without Dirk. So we came up with a big win, now we only have [...]

Monday Night Raw

December 18, 2009

Well the week has passed and we have a three game winning streak after losing back to back games. If you missed it we were on Monday night Raw which was a lot of fun. The only thing is I wish we could have got into the ring, but the NBA insurance would [...]

Fan Give Away on Twitter

December 7, 2009

Well last week was kinda rough we lost back to back games for the first time this season. We should have won but hey nothings perfect and you gotta learn from your mistakes. I guess it’s time to play two of my former teams the suns and heat this week.
It looks like I will be [...]

Contest Ideas

December 4, 2009

Well another week has passed us by I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving.
We just finished up a road trip and we should have gotten three wins instead of two games on road trip but hey stuff happens. Anyways we came home for about 48hrs got a win against 76ers and now were back on [...]