Crib Hunt

July 28, 2009
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Well another week has come and gone, I went to Dallas to look for a crib and got a few workouts in as well.  I had the opportunity to meet some really nice people in Dallas last week.  Now I’m in LA gettin it crackin and working out, also I’m looking for a crib here [...]

New Jersey Number

July 21, 2009

Well today is the day that I said I would reveal the jersey number that  you the fans have chosen.  So here it is the number is  0, this will be my number for the upcoming season.
A big thanks to all of my fans,


July 20, 2009
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Also a quick note sorry for the delay on updating the website with the Mavs information.  I was trying to do the update along with my press conference.  The press conference has been delayed, so I will get the updates done ASAP.

Charity Poker Event

July 20, 2009
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Well another week has come and gone, it  was a really exciting week…   Greg Anthony and Jermaine O’neal held a charity poker event over the weekend  which was fun.  I always enjoy Vegas for events because I get to see my family and friends!!!
Ok I will be reavealing the jersey number,  you the fan’s have chosen [...]

New Dallas Number

July 12, 2009

Hey everyone please post suggestions for what number I should wear in Dallas.  I will be selecting the number that get’s the most votes from you the fans.  The number 31 is not available for me!!!!!!

RIP Michael Jackson

July 1, 2009

Well fans another week has come and gone and it was a very sad one with the passing of the greatest entertainment icons of our time.  What Michael Jackson did will never be duplicated!  We will remember his accomplishments forever.  RIP Michael Jackson.  I felt like I lost one of my best friends with the [...]