4 Game Winning Streak

March 31, 2009

Well if you’ve been paying attention, we’ve have a 4 game winning streak going and we play; Orlando tomorrow New York on Saturday and also on Sunday.  We have a chance to make a good run to close out the season and who knows what can happen!   So keep watching  and I’ll keep you posted [...]

Fashion Week in Toronto

March 29, 2009

Well another week has gone by and I got a chance to experience fashion week in Toronto which was cool.  We also beat the Clippers, and following the game I went to Celebrate teammates Chris Bosh birthday bash, which was a great time.  And  now we have a three game win streak and going for our fourth game today.  I was [...]

St. Patrick’s Day

March 24, 2009

Hey, I hope everyone had a “great” Saint Patrick’s Day and that everyone got a chance to see us rock! The mean, green uniforms, were actually kind of sweet.  My boy came into town to check out Toronto during his short Spring break.  My boy is a Principal, which is awesome.  We also got a [...]


March 12, 2009

Hey fans, sorry for the inconvenience of the website and blog. I’ve been hella busy and just plain forgot to do one. I know I need to update the page with Raptor pics. It’s cold here… lol and Toronto is a really nice city. The fans are amazing and the transition has been very smooth.  I [...]